X-Tra Sour – He Broke The Law

by on Mar.20, 2012, under Latest News, Music

Many of you know X-Tra Sour is a collaborative project which I’m a part of. This month is just a track we did for fun. We loved the audio clip so much that we thought it would be awesome to hear it with some techno background. So we made some music for it. There are two versions one which has no vocals except for some processedĀ snippets. The other has the vocal tracked on a separate channel. We actually did nothing to that track, which is why we loved it so much. Please bere in mind that we are not making any money from this track, it’s just a little fun track we did while drinking beers and hanging out. But we thought it was so cool that we want you all to listen to it also. BTW, the rest of his performance is fantastic so go rent the video and watch it.





— J

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