Juan Segovia was born in Guatemala and moved to California at the ripe age of 12. Since then he has traveled the world, searching for sounds that combine cultural reverence and rhythm. He was introduced to electronic music in the mid ’80s during the advent of house music and by 1991 he had caught the full on fever of “dance music”.

retox For over ten years Juan has been a vinyl record junkie, obsessed with discovering new music. The main artists that have influenced his work are Fluke, Orbital, Peter Gabriel, Future Sounds of London, Herbie Hancock, Tito Puente, and various Latin jazz artists. As a DJ, he holds much admiration for Ritchie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Stacey Pullen, and the bevy of the SF underground DJs. These multi-talented experts motivated and moved him to commence his DJ career.

When not playing out, he is either experimenting with sounds in his San Francisco studio or furiously searching for inspiration in the depths of the city’s record shops and online digital labels. He has dabbled in various genres throughout the years, playing house, breaks, and downtempo, however, he is now coming full circle back to the roots of techno. Currently his trademark style is a funky and soulful minimal blend of progressive beats emphasized by interesting bass lines, fused together to create an uplifting energy.

He weaves together unexpected sounds on the fly during a performance, displaying a true love for his art, so no two performances are ever the same. Juan is not afraid to experiment and mixes his sets in such a way to take the dance floor out for a spin. When the party comes to a close, he never fails to let the dance floor down gently, leaving participants with a feeling that they “are no longer in Kansas anymore”. This mixologist is an exotic, nocturnal creature and stands out with his unique mixing, technical playfulness, and a charismatic presence.

These days, Juan’s devious mind is geared towards the production side of music and sound design. He has been dedicated to producing music, remixing tracks, and creating new sound tools. A quintessential connoisseur in the production of electronic music, Juan delves into the intricacies of Logic Live, Reaktor, and other digital audio software. He also circuit bends vintage electronic hardware to craft his own distinctive instruments and sounds that touch the mind, body, and soul.


Bent at Lucid Art Gallery 2006- San Francisco

Hugger Mugger at Lit Lounge 2004-2005- San Francisco

Lunatic at Luna Lounge 2004- San Francisco

Elevator in the Brain Hotel at Sublounge 2003-2004- San Francisco

Wednesday weekly at Pow 2003- San Francisco

Live PA Shows:

SubSpace Fundraiser September 2005- San Francisco

DefSF September 2005- San Francisco

Arts Factory May 2005- Byron Bay, Australia

Hugger Mugger December 2004- San Francisco

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