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First off it’s been a while since I’ve posted any new music to my site or done anything remotely creative. Finding the right balance between geek and artist has been challenging. But I’m back with a tease as to what I’ve been doing with my time…

The audio STUFFSONG was programmed almost entirely in Ableton Live using mostly Operators and a few other plugins including. The visuals are created using processing 2.0 and the Maxim library from Mick Grierson, Matthew Yee-King, Marco Gillies.

I created the visualizer as my final project for the “Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps ” class. If you guys have an inquisitive mind like mine you will love their site. They have TONS of classes available for all kinds of things.

You can find the code here:

And here is the link to the actual program:


NOTE!!! Please allow time for your browser to cache the track. Click to start and if you done hear anything or you don’t see things moving on the screen after you click. Simply reload the page, count to 10 and click the canvas again. 😉



— Juan

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